Amit Shah’s role in Gujarat assembly Election?

Amit Shah's role in Gujarat assembly Election
Amit Shah's role in Gujarat assembly Election

Friends, Gujarat Assembly elections are going to end in the last 10 years. In the Gujarat Assembly, Congress is witnessing the opportunity to revive itself. In order to win Gujarat, the party has made a special plan.

According to sources, congressional hearty Patel According to sources, the Congress party is in the preparations for a coalition with other parties in the Rann of Gujarat. Dhyaksh Rahul Gandhi has also received a green signal that it is believed that the Congress is going ahead with the entire plan and proof in the elections of Gujarat this time, due to the defeat of UP, it is preparing to form a state-level grand coalition. In the Gujarat elections, Congress is getting the same benefits as this time Congress will not be able to challenge you. 

Rahul Gandhi Mishandling Alliances Will Cost Opposition Heavily

Actually, after the allegations of Kapil Mishra, the image of Arvind Kejriwal is complete The party is not doing any particular thing in the elections in Punjab and Goa. On the other hand, it is believed that either Gujarat will not contest or contest the elections, the party’s influence will remain the same.
 It is important that in Gujarat Hardik Patel has emerged as a big name, but hearty may not be a big mass base but party workers can do the same and if the Congress is together then the BJP can be in trouble. The separated Amit Shah, Gujarat tour will be unaware of the fact that they’re doing their planning

Modi government’s announcement to make changes in India in 2019

Friends are coming out with a big news right now, just four months from now, i.e., September-October, November and December 2019, you will see a huge change. For the first time in India, a special plan of the Modi government and This big news came out for the Indians under a new scheme which every Indian must know. Friends, all of you know that our prime minister of India Since Narendra Modi ji has become the Prime Minister since then, we have taken decisions from the Aadhar card, taken from many major decisions for Indians to notebooks which were taken for the first time in history and were also very beneficial for the Indians. Now look forward to you. What Modi government is going to bring and benefits, Modi will soon give another special news to the countrymen and in reality, the Modi government is promoting from the Economics side and it’s For bringing a special scheme in front of people.

PM’s Office Rejects RTI On Alleged Corruption In Madhya Pradesh E-Tenders

The Leader of Opposition in Madhya Pradesh had in July written the letter to PM Modi

 asking him to conduct an enquiry into the e-tendering scam of Madhya Pradesh either

 by the CBI or under the supervision of the Supreme Court.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has declined to share action taken on a letter written by Congress leader Ajay Singh to Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleging large-scale corruption through e-tendering in Madhya Pradesh citing a provision of RTI Act that bars disclosure of “third party” information.
The Leader of Opposition in Madhya Pradesh had in July written the letter to PM Modi asking him to conduct an enquiry into the e-tendering scam of Madhya Pradesh either by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) or under the supervision of the Supreme Court.
Anti-corruption activist Ajay Dubey had sought details of action taken the report by the PMO on the Congress party leader’s letter.
“It is stated that the information sought by you attracts the provisions of Section 11 of the RTI Act,” it said in reply to the RTI query filed by the activist.
The PMO said that the response will be provided after the due process as envisaged in Section 11 of the Act is completed, it said.
The Section 11 mandates that if a Central Public Information Officer of a department concerned intends to disclose the information, to invite the third party to make a submission in writing or orally, regarding whether the information should be disclosed, and such submission of the third party shall be kept in view while taking a decision about disclosure of information.
The Congress leader had claimed that e-tendering scam is bigger than the ‘Vyapam’, referring to massive irregularities in state government jobs recruitment and selection in medical courses done by Madhya Pradesh Professional Examination Board or ‘Vyapam’ in Hindi.
In his letter, the Congress leader has alleged that the electronic bidding process was manipulated to allow select firms, contractors or individuals to get the government works several crores in lieu of “benefits”.
He claimed that some senior officials of the state government including those at the level of principal secretary, secretary, chief engineer and tender opening authority are involved in the scam.
“The e-tendering scam is referred to massive irregularities in grant of state government procurement and other works through a website developed by Tata Consultancy Service (TCS) and Antares system. Massive irregularities are suspected through the internal rigging of confidential data in the scam,” Mr Dubey said.
He claimed senior state government officials are allegedly involved in the scam and doing a cover-up.
The scam, came to light in May this year, after the Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development Corporation, which hosts the online platform, officials said the BJP-ruled state government had in June recommended a probe by Economic Offences Wing into the irregularities.

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