Biography of famous singer Sapna Chaudhary of Haryana

Sapna Choudhary

Sapna Choudhary

Friends, today we are going to talk about the famous Dancer and singer Sapna Chaudhary of Haryana who is famous in Haryana, as well as there, are millions of fans in the neighborhood too,


So many people in this world will find such people who singing Or come to earn a name in the profession of a dancer, but in the case of the dream it is completely different,

The dream began as a local singer when his main objective Making money was because he lost his father at the age of 12 and the entire responsibility of

The house had come upon him, even if the dream of the world would be in the form of a dancer in the eyes of the world, but under difficulties, He deserves a lot and we should learn a lot from his life, then let us go to the city of Haryana on September 25,

In the meantime, his father used to work in a small position in a private company and his financial condition was very bad from the beginning but with this, the dream was very happy with his parents and siblings and he was fond of singing,

But when he was 12 years old, his father died unfortunately and after the death of his father, his financial condition was completely dumped, the dream was the biggest in his siblings.

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Therefore, the responsibility of his mother and younger siblings had come up to him, so to do his own family of dreams, he had to do something or something.

He started working on singing a servant and Christa Group and singing differently. He started visiting places and through his Christa show, his magical voice began to reach everyone and he started to become famous,

but the real success of the dream came when he Had sung the first song of his own song and also danced on that song, friends solid body song changed the life of the dream,

people received a tremendous response from this song and this song became viral in such a way that dream After watching the song, you have seen around 1.5 million times on this tube on Youtube.

After the success of the Solid Body, the dream is about 15 in the Haryanavi style. Hariyanavi songs and songs and many songs have become superhuman.

Today the songs of dreams are very popular in Delhi and in many districts of Haryana and UP, friends, even if they are performing on small forums,

but thousands of people join in their names. And their loved ones are very happy, you can imagine the popularity of the dream in such a way that in a government program in Panipat when the minister starts speaking.

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In two minutes the people silenced the minister and demanded to listen to the song of dreams. The dream of losing the father to friends in 12 years of short life has not only given up to his family.

His singing and dance The person who made his career, instead of giving it a different identity, the name given by the dream of his dreams and ability is actually worth seeing. Today.

People are friends, no work is small or big, if you do any good work with a good heart, then you have success.

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