BJP to beat SP BSP coalition in 2019

BJP to beat SP BSP coalition in 2019
BJP to beat SP BSP coalition in 2019

Friends will be able to beat SP BSP alliance in 2019. What is the BJP’s plan for the collapse of BJP’s Akhilesh? In the UP, despite the 2019 campaign,

The SP’s BSP coalition could not formally form the shape of the BJP, but BJP has already begun to break all the possibilities. BJP knows that the victory in the UP will make the NDA easy for the return of power.

This is the reason that the party prepares to form a special strategy to fight the buoyant bura. Is According to sources, the BJP is preparing to field its many powerful ministers in the face of the challenge of SP BSP coalition and to fight against anti-incumbency factors against the current MPs, sources said that the list of BJP’s most influential ministers.

The people who have a good hold in the electoral arena include the names of several ministers in Ferris of these leaders who can contest the 2019 Lok Sabha elections Land is considered a senior leader of the party, the party is not to be around 50 percent of those 71 MPs has already given the nod before according to different command chance this time

BJP to beat SP BSP coalition in 2019

In such a situation, the party needs Jyoti candidates so that their mathematics in the state do not mess with the news, the BJP is the first objective to decide that both parties will not come together if, in spite of both the elections in 2019,

The party also Preparing itself Keeping a close watch on the state’s politics, if the party is preparing to go public with emotional issues and the agenda of development, then BJP is also fox on this point that the candidate will be strong and his victory is certain.

Although the BJP is quite active on Gorakhpur seat, CM Yogi Aditya Nath has represented this for five times, but in this year’s by-election, SP BSP won the seat from BJP.

An It would have to see what rivals the BJP Maya and Akhilesh or not

Know the position of Prime Minister in 2013?

In 2013 I want to take you back. What was the country’s atmosphere in 2013? In 2013, the country’s atmosphere was such that the youth were angry and women were not safe on their own.

There was no stopping the security of the borders. India’s respect went down to the bottom in the world, until it went to the city, not new in the country. The corruption scandal: Rs 12 lakh crore corruption was exposed in front of the country.

The people of the country had a question about which direction the country was going in. In the minds of Indians living in the world living in the world of Hindustan, there was a question in the mind of Indian origin about what would happen to the country and when all the statistics of the system fell Because the government was running such that as if it had been paralyzed,

the government was running such that every minister of the government considered himself prime minister and Prime Minister Poor Anmntri did not agree |

Regarding the old cases on the Yogi by the Oppositions

In this way the government failed on every front because of the government’s failure, due to the failure, the atmosphere of frustration in the country was uncertain. There was no clarity and no ray of hope was seen far away. It was not that our party’s demo system has failed, this multilateral democracy system is capable of the welfare of the country.

Were these kinds of questions we had stood in the mind of the people and at the same time, the 2014 election took place and the Bharatiya Janata Party made that decision at that time before the elections in Gujarat Chief Minister and today’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s decision to contest elections Our leader has told that this is the people of India who get a majority from the Bharatiya Janata Party, which Narendra Modi will contest under the leadership of Narendra Modi.

Resolving to contest elections in turmoil frustration turned into aspiration Gujarat turned into anger and those who came out of Galusha converted into Narendra Modi’s meetings 30 years later, this government got the government of the people of this country with absolute majority and the first after Independence This great did the work of giving a full majority to any non-Congress party.

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