Congress government claiming victory for the fourth time in assembly elections in MP ?

Congress government claiming victory for the fourth time in assembly elections in MP
Congress government claiming victory for the fourth time in assembly elections in MP

BJP will be able to form a government for the fourth time in Madhya Pradesh How will the BJP complete the dream of BJP’s victory?

 The Congress is claiming victory in the Assembly elections at the end of the year, but BJP may be able to power the state for the fourth consecutive time. Self-belief is self-confident, the squeezing of the report of BJP’s four surveyed Sankhya Feedback and party chief Amit Shah shows that the party in the worst conditions also HE Government will be able to make |
Actually, considering the assessment of BJP, 40 out of the 57 sitting MLAs of the Congress are the ones who have an anti-incumbency campaign, BJP is working on winning the strategy of winning at least 25 seats in the assembly. According to the report, according to the condition of 90 MLAs of BJP, the condition of the poor is being reported, while 77 MLAs, who will win the election in every situation, 38 seats have been marked as such by changing face The party will succeed in its capture.

According to sources, for the fourth time in the state, BJP is preparing at three levels.

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 The state BJP is doing an exercise at its own level, then it is in the preparation of the team and the party president Amit Shah’s team inequality. Feedback is being done by studying the senior leader of the party, the PM Modi and Amit Shah will be the seats where the party’s weak position will be.
According to the sources of the party sources, the decision was taken in the rights of women from the central government and also will help to increase the popularity of the government and the BJP, the popularity of Shivraj Sarkar, particularly in the women of the rural areas, According to BJP, this time it has set a target of 200 seats, Vinay has said that we are moving forward in that direction with full force and in 2003 Ord break and regain his supporters see much merit in these claims that we can find out only after Chunao

Supreme Court verdict on SC-ST Act Act

It is worth noting that under the SC-ST Act, through a decision in the Supreme Court, there was a moratorium on self-arrest in the case. The decision of the court was taken by a section of the society as part of the legalization of the legal provisions. The SC-ST community had made provision for the closure of India which saw the incidents of violence in different parts of the country.

In order to solve the concern of the communities, the Supreme Court’s decision on the SC-ST Act has been reversed by the Cabinet Minister Om Prakash Rajbhar of Uttar Pradesh overturning the verdict of the court by passing a bill to amend the SC-ST Act in the monsoon session of Parliament. Describing the right to the Central Government to save the people from this harsh law, they would rethink this issue, they said that they are going to court They fully support the decision because it is the right decision for a large section of people

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The chairman of the Indian society party, in a conversation with the media here on Sunday, claimed that Scheduled Tribe Scheduled Tribes Act is being misused and the issue should be re-considered to save the people from this harsh law of the Central Government. So what is your opinion from the decision of the French Supreme Court

Rahul Gandhi will be flown in Madhya Pradesh today

Rahul Bhel will address the workers’ conference in Dussehra grounds. Before that, they will also do a roadshow.

The Congress is going to demonstrate its power in front of Rahul Gandhi’s roadshow in Bhopal on Monday. Rahul Bhel will address the workers’ conference in Dussehra grounds. Before that, they will also do a roadshow. Rahul Gandhi will leave the airport at around one-one o’clock in the morning, his roadshow will start from Red Valley, which will be held at Collectorate, VIP Road, Roshanpura intersection, board office. Meet the party workers and reach the Dussehra grounds of BHEL by 4 o’clock, covering 18 kilometres.

Rahul Bhel will address the workers’ conference in Dussehra grounds. While the Congress Party has made extensive preparations for road shows, party ticket contenders on the other side are also displaying their power. Prior to Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Bhopal, Congress has also played Hindutva card. In many posters in the city, he has been presented as a devotee. Rahul’s visit to Bhopal is being seen as a formal election booth of Congress.

The Aam Aadmi Party said- The BJP is not concerned about the pain of Delhi businessmen, the central government has brought an ordinance on sealing

The BJP is mocking Delhi’s businessmen’s compulsions. On one hand BJP-ruled MCD is giving relief to Delhi businessmen by sealing Delhi and on the other hand, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari is working on salt wounds on his wounds.
In a statement on Wednesday, Pankaj Gupta, in charge of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and in-charge of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency, said this. He said that today the double character of Manoj Tiwari is exposed in front of the people of Delhi and the country. Manoj Tiwari, who accused the Aam Aadmi Party of big talks in front of the media and sealing in Delhi, today ran away from an open debate on the issue of sealing
Let us tell you that Manoj Tiwari has been holding the Aam Aadmi Party responsible for sealing in Delhi for a long time. This led to the challenge of open debate between the people of the Aam Aadmi Party trader organization, Brajesh Goyal. Brajesh Goyal of Aam Aadmi Party reached the town hall located at Chandni Chowk on time but BJP MPs did not come to the forum of open debate.
Gupta said that not joining this open debate organized by businessmen of Delhi, BJP MP Manoj Tiwari has proved that the BJP has nothing to do with the misery of the businessmen of Delhi.
The BJP does not want itself to stop the sealing happening in Delhi. Manoj Tiwari, who is pretending to break this lock, is merely a stunt to garner popularity for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.
He said that the Aam Aadmi Party has been saying from the very beginning that only one solution to the sealing in Delhi is the only solution and that is the bill. The BJP has a majority government in the centre and as it is known to all that making any law and amending the law is only in the jurisdiction of Parliament. If BJP really wants to stop the sealing in Delhi, then MP Manoj Tiwari should raise his voice in parliament.

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