Congress’s false statement on Raphael Jet issue to BJP against ?

Congress's false statement on Raphael Jet issue to BJP against
Congress's false statement on Raphael Jet issue to BJP against

Friends, all of you know that BJP has been called the party of the upper castes, but in 2014 elections, it has proved completely wrong. Only then did the BJP succeed in getting support for the poor, but it was BJP’s

The illusion proved that its backward people have succeeded in getting their work done from BJP but the votes are not putting the BJP even though only then the BJP is getting lost in different small and electoral constituencies. It has started to pick up and started to understand the politics of rascal;

Because BJP understood that if we carry all the classes together, then everything will be done, due to which the backward people should be given some benefits, but it has happened that the BJP has considered the backward classes as equal to the poultry of the house, which now has the opposition The party is picking up and therefore they have started provoking the upper castes.

Then suddenly, on the social media, the flood of BJP’s opponents has come and the people have been forced to leave the account Micro confused is started

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And there is a deep conspiracy to break BJP’s vote in the name of Votto, and this is the result of which the golden movement has started in the country, sometimes the Dalit because the Opposition knows it well that it is impossible to defeat the BJP in 2019 because In 2014, all the Vargas voted for BJP in the name of development and they are not going to go to the opposition anymore, hence why not break BJP’s biggest vote bank, Whether or not to go to Q but BJP should not get
 Therefore, the currency notes are shouting and want to take away the only opportunity that is available in the hands of the upper castes. Then only see how the country is in a hurry.

Gold is not able to understand that once the Modi government or BJP If the government comes, how will he change the country’s work in the last four years which Modi has shown, but because of his politics, Congress does not want it, then only that country will be completely Is engaged in breaking

Congress’s false statement on Raphael Jet issue

For the last several months, Congress Rahul Gandhi and his party have raised just one issue, the Raphael jet scandal, while the Parliament itself has been caught. They said that the French nationalist spoke to me while the French government himself Rahul did not talk to us.
The Congress has taken the issue of Raphael Jet to the Supreme Court.

The Congress has filed a petition seeking a petition by the Supreme Court that the court cancels the RAFFL fighter jet deal as it has got corruption in it, that means neither Congress itself nor anything Will not let anyone do it.

Meanwhile, in the meanwhile, now the Vice Chief’s Vice Chief, supporting the Modi government, is giving a verdict to the Congress, according to the news. According to the news, the Air Force said on Wednesday that there was a dispute over the deal worth 58 HZ crores related to Raphael. There is a beautiful plane that will give amazing warfare to India.

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Due to the cancellation of the deal, the IAF is going to suffer a lot. IAF Deputy Chief, Chief of Air Staff Air Marshal Sup Dame also said that the people who want to cancel the Raphael deal should understand the set norms and roles. Congress was buying this aircraft without any weapon without any weapon.

While the Modi government has purchased Lasse Weapons with weapons and proper technology, Air Marshal said that Raphael is a stunning aircraft and we are awaiting it to fly, I was questioned about the dispute related to the Raphael dispute.
Air Marshal said that with the Rapid aircraft, India will get amazing full favors from this region on my competitors. India had entered into an Intergovernmental Agreement with France in September 2016 at the cost of Hajar 58 crores for the purchase of 36 Rafale aircraft. These aircraft supply September Beginning 2019

Although it was only 2012 that I had to be given to the army, due to the Congress’s failed policies, the Congress could not do this. Congress has raised the question about the deal, which includes the prices of the aircraft, although the government has dismissed the allegations.

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Not only that Rahul Gandhi, every rally and gathering, I attack Rafael Jet and always keep saying different prices every time, Rahul told me about the cost of each aircraft in April and May, in Delhi and Karnataka, while in Parliament I Reduced the price to 520 crores per aircraft and Raipur I increased it by 540 crores per aircraft and in Jaipur the same speech, I told them the price was 520 and 540 crores per aircraft.

Now you decide on your own whether you would like to vote for the party or representative of such a party, the year 2019 which is not aware of any issues but continues to ridicule your silly statements.

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