Construction of Ram Temple in Thailand ?

Construction of Ram Temple in Thailand
Construction of Ram Temple in Thailand

Regarding the Ram Mandir built by the people, we are going to tell the people today Ram Mandir has been a common issue in the politics of Uttar Pradesh. Political parties have always been working on the basis of the faith of the people to carry out their election objective. Ram temple case Supreme It is in the court and it is understood by all the political parties that its construction can be done only by a lawful line when the temple of Ram in Ayodhya Ga is still sceptical about this, but there is good news for this Bir Bhagat, but in Ayodhya, waiting for the Ram Temple is not yet over but the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya in Thailand has begun. Ram in Thailand.
 The construction of the temple is being done by the Ram Janmabhoomi Trust. The controversy continues in the Ayodhya of UP over the Ram temple and in Thailand even today Ram is the state of the world. There will hardly be any person who will not know about Lord Rama.

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The great Vijay Charan said that the construction of the Ram temple will now start only after the decision of the Supreme Court, but before that Ram Bhagora started making Ram temple here. On Wednesday, the work of the Ram Mandir was started in Ayodhya with the Land Poojan and the entire Law Legislative Assembly, Mahant Vijay Charan, President of Trust told that Ram Temple in Thailand

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The creation of India will be made as Vishnu Guru, he said that in 15 -20th century the capital of Thailand was called the Commission, in the local language which means the accuser happens, on the banks of the river Surang, the construction of Shri Ram temple has been constructed. Soon, the temple of Ram temple in Ayodhya will be ready soon, although in Thailand, the temple of Ram Mandir has started but the temple in India The opposition of the people against the government is increasing due to the formation of the National President of the International Hindu Council and Pravin Togadia, the executive president of the Vishva Hindu Parishad, has once again targeted the government.
 He said that once again the law was made about the Ram temple Togadia may have to bring an ordinance to the government in Ayodhya to make Ram temple in Ayodhya, Togadia said that if he Car did not have him shrink if the government so we will bring back the government

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