Discussing Congress and JDS in Karnataka ?

Discussing Congress and JDS in Karnataka
Discussing Congress and JDS in Karnataka

Friends, what is going on in Karnataka is the breaking of the political agenda: the Congress JDS alliance is not taking the name of the Congress and the JDS coalition government in danger of ending the threat from Seetharam and Chief Minister H De Kumar Swamy.

After this, the state government has begun to roam around the ministers, the continuation of the union minister is going on Was actually lands opened Kilap Front Shiva Kumar to press for support Prtyasi development of president and vice president elections 

According to the reports, Ramesh and Satish Chand, who had accused the MLA through intervention in the area through MLA Laxmi Dipankar, have also talked to the Congress high command in this case, in this case, in the H De Devir Swami Cabinet, Water Resources Minister Shiv Kumar and Belgaum

The cold war between the Holy Brothers of Water has reached the door of the Karnataka Government, according to information from sources, the matter of Settle Holly Brothers Water to print has time till September 16

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The Governor of municipal administration Ramesh Chand said that we can weigh 16th September and see what happens to be that it has claimed to overthrow the Congress JDS coalition, in the middle of the political corridors, it is discussed that Congress has 14 -17 legislators can hold hands on BJP

Karnataka Congress President Dinesh Kundravu said that all the people who are leaving the party in the media are in favor of me and the Congress leaders. On the other hand, Congress party chief Dinesh GudduRao once again used to vote for BJP’s legislators GurduRao also claimed that during this time, Gududoo also claimed that in connection with the BJP’s 7 -8 MLAs, it is necessary to rebuild the BJP if needed. Clearly, the incidents of political violence in the state have begun with the pride of the Congress ministers involved in the state government.

Mamata Banerjee’s big announcement about Lok Sabha elections

 After all, Mamata’s announcement of the Congress is in the fray. In the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections, the Congress is surrounded by one another, where the opposition is trying to unite the opposition, and the Congress is seen increasingly increasing its opposition to different opposition parties. Particularly in West Bengal where Mamata Banerjee claimed to win all the seats in the state,
Has turned the Congress ombudsman back on the issue of DMC chief and the issue of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee recently made a big claim in a fair rally on the occasion of the martyr’s day.
Mamata said in her claim that DMC will win all the 42 Lok Sabha seats in the Lok Sabha elections next year. But also hit the fiercely

He said that we will remove the BJP from August 15 to save the country, save Captain and will be a major attack for 2019, in which the Bengal route will show that this claim of Mamta Banerjee is not less than a shock for the Congress.

That is why Mamta Banerjee’s statement is so much It is clear that he can declare himself in 2019 on his own election. Although the central leadership of the Congress is reluctant to cooperate with DMC in West Bengal but the state unit is divided into two factions, the state Congress chief, Abhiranjan Chaudhary, is advocating the alliance with the Left, the other faction, Mamta And due to delay in the decision of the coalition,

the Congress legislator and the leader started moving towards the DMC, it was Mamta Baner 4 and legislators DMC’s teamed up so many Netavo not CBM Mamata Banerjee in charge of Congress in this rally has in his yellow
The news is that many more leaders from Congress and CBM can join Mamta’s party in the coming days, despite Mamata’s announcement, the Congress has the complete hope of adding coalition with Mamata Banerjee. Will the Congress get the support of Mamata in Bengal?

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