Edit photos using AI with Photolemur 3

Edit photos using AI with Photolemur 3

We’d all love the time to labor over beautifying every image before we post it. You know, adjust lighting,

smooth out skin imperfections, generally just make ourselves and our subjects look brilliant in every pic.

Unfortunately, we’ve all got lives to lead, so taking time to edit every image to brilliance isn’t always practical. Fortunately, Photolemur 3 is now looking out for sloppy shooters, unveiling the first automated photo enhancer app that handles all your editing needs for you. It’s not only super simple and time-saving, but it’s also now on sale, just $19 for a single license or $25 with a family account from TNW Deals.
As opposed to apps that give you a handful of tools to adjust colors or moderate exposure in your pics, Photolemur 3 uses image recognition, artificial intelligence, and some funky digital mojo to handle photo editing with a click.
Running an image through a program like Photoshop always takes forever, which is why Photolemur analyzes and adjusts stuff like color recovery, sky enhancement, exposure compensation, smart de-haze all by itself. Photolemur allows you to drag in your image, then sit back as the app does your heavy lifting.

Nice surprise: Photolemur also supports ever-elusive batch processing, allowing you to crank out loads of pics with the same set of enhancements all at once.

This latest version also includes a Styles feature, offering six different pre-sets chosen by AI to automatically recontextualize your image in one swift stroke.
It works for both Mac and Windows operating systems, so try it out. A single-use account is only $19 or saves more than half by knocking $30 off the price of a family license.

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