Important work done by Narendra Modi ?

Important work done by Narendra Modi
Important work done by Narendra Modi

Friends, all of you know that the Modi government has been in the country for the last four years. In these four years, Prime Minister Modi has achieved many achievements and has made very big decisions.

But due to some decisions, the Narendra Modi government has also been criticized but now we will tell about some of the works done by the Modi Government that no leader has ever been able to do such work which has been seen in the country for the first time.

 1. Surgical Strike –

The first name in it is the name of Modi’s decision which has sacked Pakistan. It was decided that the surgical strike will be carried out in Pakistan after continuous seizure fire firing in Pakistan and after the intense attack, carrying out a surgical strike. About the surgical strike given till only in India it was heard but never done at the grassroots level. This surgical strike Indian Youths killed 38 now comes

 2. Note-making

the note was a decree that was praised and criticized by both the prime minister but you would be surprised to know that Modi’s decision to ban 500 and 1000 notes on the night of 8th November 2016 has been declared as a historic place. International Monetary Fund i.e. IMF Chief Christine Richard has been described as good work for such a future
The main purpose of this decision is to get rid of black money and fake notes now come

 3. Israeli tour –

In these four years, Narendra Modi also made foreign visits from Bahot but let him know that he became the first Prime Minister of the country to visit the Prime Minister at some place, one of the visits of these foreign tours was Israel’s 4 July 2018 Modi becomes the first Prime Minister to visit Israel

 4. Philippines tour –

Before today, any leader of India was afraid of going to the Philippines, and no leader has traveled abroad that Narendra Modi has also overcome this fear by visiting the Philippines. At the beginning of the year, Traveled to both countries in a new life. Even before the mega show Narendra Modi abroad, Indian Prime Minister was also on foreign tour
But Modi’s foreign trips were historic for the country. Modi is the first Prime Minister of the country to go to different cities of the country to perform Mega shows in which he addressed the country in huge quantities. These works of Modi not only the opposition Surprised, but in the media, quite a lot of headlines now comes after

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 5. Jan Dhan Yojana –

Under the Jan Dhan Yojana of Prime Minister, 1.60 crore bank accounts were opened in just one day and about 31.60 crore beneficiaries deposited the money in the bank and the amount of 21203 crores deposited in the account of the people is the Prime Minister’s plan Is counted in the important scheme of which was started on 28 August 2014

 6. On the occasion of Independence Day,

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the country on the occasion of 2015. He said that in 1000 days, all the villages of the country will have electricity and on April 29, the Prime Minister made a tweet, which states that the country Electricity has reached every village; Lingancha village of Manipura’s commander district in 597464 villages is the last village in the country, which has been commissioned on 8 April. Ri scheme named Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Gram Jyoti Yojana

7. International Yoga Day –

And finally, Modi’s decision, which has taught the people to do yoga i.e. international yoga day, in the country, in thousands of years, the tradition of Yoga that has been going on in India has been recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi at international level and on June 21 Prime Minister Narendra Modi began to address the International Yoga Day on 27th September 2016 to address the United Nations General Assembly During this time, and on 11 December 2014, the UN had agreed to celebrate International Yoga Day on June 21, 177 member countries were the decisions that were made by Modi not by any prime minister till now. Were historical decisions

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Five examples of work in BJP’s election

Friends are said that the path of Delhi’s power passes through UP. This is the reason why Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati are joining hands to stop Modi’s roadmap in the 2019 elections, with the SP and BSP coming together on worsening political equations BJP is the first person to look at Bawa Babu’s platforms and to win the 2014 win, BJP is working on five fronts.

 1. Claims on new faces:

According to information received from the sources, the BJP is trying to cut the ticket of 50% of the 71 MPs in 2019, if it happens, then the party will be on the grounds of Jtau Umvwaro so that the seats in the state do not mess up. BJP can launch new faces in BJP: BJP has started looking for such strong candidates

 2. On the strength of the Yogi on the strength of the Yogi –

According to media reports, Yogi can contest the election of the powerful government ministers to fight against the SPSP and the ND Incumbency Factor against the Mazda MPs. The party has also made a list of leaders who hold good in the elections

3. Modi’s rallies atmosphere –

BJP started making a mansion in Yogi’s Rally in UP. While handling the same self, PM Modi has addressed five rallies in the last one month, it is being said that till February next year PM Modi has at least 50 rallies in the state

  4. Look at Non-Yadav OBC Votes –

With the coming of SP BSP, BJP’s equation seems deteriorating. In this way, in order to strengthen the BJP, non-Yadav OBC voters have been instrumental in mobilizing the BJP. In the party’s command can be handed over to a leader of an evil society, besides BJP Prajapati Maurya Lodha Pal and non-Yadav are watching OBC

 5. Smudging of Mudras –

In Uttar Pradesh, for the blunder of SP BSP, BJP is eyeing Hindutva’s maidens on the record of 2014, especially in the western UP, where the Opposition will bring Muslim candidates so that they are easily scavenged To get electoral maturity through

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