India was not included in Mahendra Singh Dhoni

India was not included in Mahendra Singh Dhoni
India was not included in Mahendra Singh Dhoni

 On September 10, the Congress had called India off, all the opposition parties also joined the shutdown, violence was seen in all the states including Bihar.

 Apart from this, there is news coming out that a post is coming out which is becoming more serious on social media. This post is being said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni had supported it during the India bandh call i.e. He also joined India.
 And in this post I also have a photo in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni is seen sitting on a petrol pump, his wife is also with him, and he is being told that India was involved with the growing family.
 This picture has been said to me that Dhoni, who is sitting on the famous captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s family, against the price of petrol diesel, started the strike, the entire country is united against the government, against the cost of petrol and diesel.
 In pictures I can see that Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi are sitting in front of them and there are petrol pumps i.e. there are also petrol pump machines and there are no accounts on this, they have been posted on it.
 It was very important to know the question, was it really necessary that Dhoni also supported India’s closing, besides that you can see more such posts in which Mahendra Singh Dhoni is said to have said that he was also involved with India.
There are viral posts on all social media but it was very important to know what the truth is. Now we show you this picture again. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is sitting on the petrol pump. The witnesses are also with him and it seems that There are no repetitions in this feeling that I am Mund.
 But what the picture says, the picture says that these photos are of the night, these photos have been taken at night, but it can be understood
from day to day that Dharan was in the day and Mahendra Singh Dhoni was taking photos at this petrol pump at night or Their photos are drawn.
Now, the picture we told you when we searched on the internet more and more, it came to know that in August, when Mahendra Singh Dhoni went to Shimla’s tour, when Shimla arrived with an ad shoot, when he arrived at a petrol pump He also went on and then a photo of him was taken.
Many people are also commenting on seeing who is now being viral in the name of Bharat Bandh. Many people have also commented and have been speaking against Mahendra Singh but what is the truth? The truth is that these photos are from Shimla and I have been taken in the month of August.
And this photo has been taken during the ad shot i.e. Mahendra Singh Dhoni was included in an Indian band. These reports are completely false and they are baseless and we have told you the truth.

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