Know these things before using credit card ?

Know these things before using credit card
Know these things before using credit card

Friends are coming out with big news for you right now, if you have any credit card holders of any bank account holders, even if you have any credit card, whether it is State Bank of India,

Punjab National Bank, Kerala Bank, Whether the credit card of any bank account has been taken from HDFC, CT Union Bank, Yes Bank, Bank of Baroda, watch this news
Because the people here PM Modi has come out with three such small stories about the Government Credit Card, which you must know, or else you may have to suffer a lot of losses. Friends, all you know is that the credit card is in many ways If there is a boon, then in many ways a curse is like a curse; it is also very difficult to stay away from the credit card in this world.

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But do you know that when you give the bank employee credit card in hand, you pay only for free or free, but the bank does not tell you how many secrets are hidden behind this credit card? Do not offer these services for free, there are Annual Maintenance Fees that apply to a credit card when a person is provided with a credit card free of cost.

Means just removed its Joining fees and charges that it was also drawn to a certain period |
The second is that the bank takes you from the monthly charge of interest charge credit card, showing the total amount you have to pay, and the minimum amount you have to pay is also the majority of people prefer to pay the minimum amount, but Banks charge interest charges in this and generally the bank charges interest of 3-4% on the Due Mouth.

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Third, the bank takes you from the bank, GST applies to all types of transactions from a late payment credit card, which is applicable according to monitoring methods. In the future, you will not pay your debt until the debt date.

The bank charges extra charge from you, and it is called a late payment charge when you take the loan from your card more than the limit, then the overdraft charge crude Also applies to comments card seems equally charged on bank ATM

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And not only if you fill petrol diesel with credit card, then be cautious if you use credit card in rail ticket or petrodiesel, you also have to pay extra charges and customers will also have to pay their ATM Money is allowed to withdraw money, although the bank charges a fee which can be up to 2.5 percent of the amount being withdrawn, Is the use of credit cards is placed in the small of course take care of the little things |

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