Modi’s speech on the works done by Modi Government

Modi's speech on the works done by Modi Government

Modi’s speech on the works done by the Modi Government

If you are talking about the toilet, you can imagine that I have come to Gujarat and I have come to Gujarat. I have come to Gujarat. Travel area of Gujarat has done a lot of work but I have not seen any such poverty in poverty.

When my party sent me to Uttar Pradesh, I visited the areas of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, and when the 15-year-old girl is open for the morning to do 3 natural actions in the morning and there is no vehicle light
Onit I feel ashamed to see his shame. After 70 years of independence, we have not been given the right to save the girl from Sharmak.
The whole village sees her coming, she can not see the eyes which are still a child, she has to give her contribution to the development of the country.
I will become a DSP later, I will become a collector, I will become an engineer or what will become his confidence gets shattered. The Narendra Modi government did not have the toilet for 12 crore households in the country.
We decided that this is our priority and we will move forward and the government of BJP has made toilet for seven crore households in the country.

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I am saying that democracy means that those who are demanding are not just fulfilling it. God has made those who have become capable, who has enabled them, who are not capable,

They are concerned about their demand. It is called democracy, or the state of the kingdom was right, what was the need for Democracy. Within the country, there were four crore people who did not have a house to live in.

Today, the allotment has been made to 20 million people, out of which the arrangements for the housing of 10 million people have been completed. By 2022, there would not be a person who would not have a home. There were six million people inside the country whose house was not there, or I did not have electricity.

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The work was done by the BJP government to provide electricity to two crore people. His child also has the right that when exams come,
He can increase his number by studying till late at night and standing in the country’s competition, I have the right to become a doctor,
become an engineer, become an IPS, whoever cannot snatch it, why not All this happened 70 years ago.

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