Opposition attacks Modi over rising oil prices ?

Opposition attacks Modi over rising oil prices
Opposition attacks Modi over rising oil prices

The opposition is an attacker on the Modi government, but the price of oil is continuously being seen. On Monday, the opposition had declared India shutdown for the increase in petrol prices.

But no special impact was seen. Now Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has given a big statement about the prices of petrol diesel. We look forward to seeing what Nitin Gadkari said for the information.

The continuing decline in rupees against the dollar The reason for the rising oil prices and the price of petrol diesel is increasing, though the government is making a lot of efforts to curb this and take some issues.

Road government between same is tackled Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has a big statement on petrol, diesel
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They told how petrol and diesel can be sold at Rs 55 and Rs 50 per liter, letting them know that Nitin Gadkari, who arrived in the fort of Chhattisgarh, said that our petroleum ministry is establishing 5 ethanol-making plants in the country.

Products will be made from municipal waste and diesel will be available at Rs 50 per liter and petrol will be available at club price of Rs 55 per liter. Said that we import petals of diesel worth 8 lakh crores, the price of petrol is rising and the rupee is declining against the dollar.

The government is constantly making efforts to bring down the price of oil if Nitin Gadkari’s government is acidifying these interpretations, then the price of petrol diesel can be reduced in the coming time, how can the government reduce the price of oil. In what direction is it working, and it may be that in the coming days, there is a great reduction in oil prices.

India closes with petrol diesel

Trinamool Congress Mamta Banerjee has given a blow to the opposition when petrol diesel is called off by Congress by Congress, and it is a shock to opposition unity that when the Congress Party called for a shutdown on September 10, Mamata Banerjee in her reply to Congress Have shocked and tell you that Congress is calling off for the growing petrol prices, but you tell the truth that Kang Express Oil borrowed through bonds and current NDA that the government has paid more than Rs 2 lakh crore including interest of Rs 70 crore |
The Union Minister and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan should tell you that the government had given the huge amount of 70 thousand crores to the loan given by the Congress to the loan and petrol and diesel was given to them and Rs 2 trillion crores till now Why is the Congress paying a huge amount of money to the country, saying that why the country is facing such a situation, the Prime Minister has said that the Congress Ti bought 144,000 crore oil bonds which gained us a legacy |

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Not only that, but we have also paid interest of 70 thousand crores on it. Overall, we have paid Rs. 2 lakh crores, then tell you, on one hand, the Congress party calls off India, on the other hand, millions of millions of rupees have to pay the loan And does not tell the truth to the public. Let me tell you that this truth of Congress has come to the public and Mamta Banerjee has also jolted Congress of India What is now the clash, which the Congress party claims to win in 2019 by creating an excuse of opposition unity, because there is no unity in the opposition and Mamata Banerjee has never seen her standing with the Congress. See what’s happening next.

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