Other parties’ plans to defeat Modi

Other parties' plans to defeat Modi
Other parties' plans to defeat Modi

Friends will start with a big news Volley team begins with 11 newspersons of one Narendra Modi. You are absolutely fine listening. You got a picture from Karnataka, which has made Rashee ji very interesting to 2019. In front of Narendra Modi, 11 regional people of the country Together with the Congress Party, the strategy of encompassing Modi is seen today in his picture in Bangalore. 
This picture has given the basis for making the Opposition’s grand front. But today, the most talked about in Mayawati’s Mayawati, who did not win even a single seat in Mayawati’s picture, saw the picture of Sonia and Mamta Banerjee. 
This picture also means that Mayawati is the reason for being a Dalit. From May 2019, Mayawati can play a big role in the opposition against Modi, but Modi has also made full preparations to overtake his enemies but now the question Is that the end of Modi is Gopal Lal in 2019? Rahul Gandhi Congress President Mamata Banerjee Chairperson TMC Mayawati President BSP Akhilesh Yadav SP President SP Radhishi Yadav Deputy CM Bihar Sard had Pawar President CP Arvind Kejriwal CM Delhi Chandrababu Naidu Chairman TT P Sitaram General Secretary CBM Karnataka After the drama of conflict, 11 big leaders of the opposition involved in the crown of Kumar Swamy 

Other parties’ plans to defeat Modi

The goal of the one is that the PM Narendra Modi of the country, the reason for the gathering of these leaders also tell you that the sleep of these leaders has left 64% of India’s population falling in saffron colour, 64% versus 36%. After that, the war of these 11 states is the 2019 elections.
 These countries are struggling to save the state on 36 per cent of the population and are engaged in a morcha against Modi and their festive flight is expected to have wings. Because of the fall of the BJP government in Tuck, we will find that if BJP is invading democracy, then you will see the Congress party, we will all beat BJP together, but is it so easy, the formula that Karnataka BJP has dropped in Karnataka? 
 The same formula will also work in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. BJP President Amit Shah has repeatedly claimed that in 2019, the BJP will form the government. In 2019 elections, when we go to fight, we will have got this public support within the country once again, between 2014 and 2019, he will encourage us.

Votes of Narender Modi in Election 2019
 If the whole opposition comes to us, the question will be that in 2019 BJP This front will prove to be a big challenge for the 13 states of 11 states can be one to defeat Modi. In the 34 states of 13 states, the BJP can get a chance to unite against the opposition. Now, alternatively, Modi has prepared to overcome his political enemies. 

 This picture of 2019 is seen in the picture at this time but in the 2019 elections, this picture will be maintained against Modi. Also, it may not even know that the CM of Telangana, who is running a campaign for the Third Front, has just indicated the way to separate the path. Congress cannot be called BSP with Congress, says Tikhegi, Congress in Bihar, with RJD, we can not say how long and democratic Janata Dal will look together. In Congress, Congress and Aam Aadmi Party fight against each other, so both of them will fight in Delhi.

 It does not seem that if this was done then Kejriwal would dig up his political grave and give BJP another chance to get a screening on political seats today even if Akh Leish and Mayawati seem to be sharing the Karnataka forum with the Congress, but do not forget that this Mayawati was the biggest enemy of Akhilesh’s family for 22 years, but now this hostility has turned into friendship, but in 2019, seat-belts have become friendly. It may also worsen the BJP’s eye on this and we were not in power at this time earlier but now in power, the yogi-like face is hidden now.

 Kumar is considered to be the most fictitious figure in Bihar even today. In 2014, the BJP coalition of Nitish got 31 seats out of 40. Now, 16 per cent of Nitish’s share is with MPA. It will be difficult to find something worse. In 2014, Sahad Pawar’s NCB party was with the Congress and NDA got 42 seats out of 48. This time Shiv Sena is saying a different fight but They should not forget that when the Shivsena fought separately in the assembly elections, BJP may have formed the biggest party even though the Shiv Sena’s feet become weak till the coming elections and again stand with the BJP when the Congress and the Congress in Jammu and Kashmir Even after the National Conference, Modi did not get any worseNow Mehbooba is with Modi.

Rahul Gandhi Mishandling Alliances Will Cost Opposition Heavily
 In Jharkhand, there is no visible difference in the Opposition front in the BJP. In the states like MP Rajasthan Chhattisgarh, the third party is not only in the scene. In the map of India, the colours which are not seen in the saffron The state of Modi’s opponents are left in such states, the number of states is 11 and Modi does not have to deal only with the enemies of 11 states. 
 There are regional parties which will put more challenges for Modi in 2019, so for 2019, Modi has prepared a plan for the mission Samundra Manthan, understand something from the first, starting with West Bengal, now in the politics of Mamta Banerjee As if there is a single state, BJP is growing, Mamta’s eyes are languishing in sleep. In 2019, Modi Mukul Roy, for feeding lotus in Bengal

Congress targets on innocent Modi

Friends, I first saw Rahul Gandhi sitting on a TV in Jalandhar, Punjab, when I was in class 12th, Rahul used to listen to Gandhiji’s only one thing that his only dream was that the Congress Party’s doors were made by the youth of the country. 
 This is the result of Sarfaroshi’s ability to open these changes that a young man like me who first saw him on TV today set me on TV as a national media I can thank Rahul Gandhi for reaching lakhs of crores of people.

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I would like to thank him for his achievement, which has conveyed to me that in 2014 the expectations of the people of this country, which the Modi government has given to the expectant people, if they have real and ground reality If we break into the scales, then a very memorable thing is remembered: 

‘The country had asked for a ray of light, the king ordered that the movements should be set on fire’ This is the first head Who has lost our country with failed economic policies in his ego, snatched food from a farmer’s plate, snatched his employment from employment, stripped his factory from the trader, and snatched his capital from his sister-in-law, Sonia Gandhi recently said The Act for Dazzling Mean

Rahul Gandhi Mishandling Alliances Will Cost Opposition Heavily

 Things Think Sarkand thinks and then it is a government that neither thinks nor understands and all these duties I am missing the policies of Modi ji, you are giving me and all of us. First of all, this government wounded unemployment and inflation, and after the ban on bonding and GST sprinkled salt on our wounds and its impact today from the mandis to Udhogo
 The common man is unhappy with inflation and Modi ji has spent his life in Cholo. It is the result of not eating or eating, the sloganeer said that the economy of this country has only eaten It is justice that Modi does not understand the magic of common man figures, he does not understand big things, all the people are unhappy with Modi

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