Plan for removal of Madhya Pradesh chief minister ?

Plan for removal of Madhya Pradesh chief minister
Plan for removal of Madhya Pradesh chief minister

Friends, today there is a big crisis in front of Congress in Madhya Pradesh.

The crisis is that the face of the Congress will be the block. Who will be the commander? In the next election, what will the Congress be without the commander? Jyothi Radhettar Scindia Kamal Nath Arun Yadav Digvijay Singh These four faces around The Congress’s politics runs in Madhya Pradesh, these four faces are the claimants of the chief minister or the claimant in Madhya Pradesh.  
But the state’s state president Arun Yadav dismissed all the speculations saying that the party will not have any candidate for the chief minister. All the people will be elected by the senior leader’s guidance. Workers are campaigning village and Congress on the road. After the formation of the government, who will decide the leadership, will this Rahul Ji and the brothers decide to hold the state’s politics?

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 If the Congress thinks about contesting Shivraj Singh Chauhan, then he should go to the elections with the face of the Chief Minister. If the face which is facing is more attracted to the person then the candidate should himself be deployed by the public himself. 
 They will not go near them, their face will be hidden and they will be politically damaged. In the state, Congress is away from power since 2003 Congress The last Chief Minister Digvijay Singh was Digvijay, who lost the Chief Minister from 1993 to 2003, he had taken away himself from the politics of Madhya Pradesh for ten years. He is now on the Narmada tour, after being away from the state politics, Kamal Nath and Jyoti Aditya Scindia has also increased the stature and is the biggest leader of the party in both the states.

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 He has also done a lot of work as far as leadership is concerned. It is a decision that the High Commandline is our general secretary Rahul Gandhi, but one thing is also clear that this time we will win these elections together in the Lok Sabha, Madhya Pradesh has 29 Lok Sabha seats in 2014 Congress won in 27 and Congress won two seats in Congress One of the two seats won was Kamal Nath and Sindhiya on the other. It was believed that the Chief Minister will get one seat from the seat, but only No, Arun Yadav has put a stop to all the discussions as I think the number of people who have been born against Antony Shivraj Singh in Madhya Pradesh, he will be very optimistic, they feel that the people will remove Shivraj Singh himself, which is quite right. 

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 It is not only worth the Janata Congress, it is thought that the Government of 15 years in Madhya Pradesh will be removed because the people do not want this government to come again and again In the assembly elections, BJP got 165 out of 230 seats, whereas the Congress was stopped just 58 seats, BJP got 45 per cent and Congress got 36 per cent votes. In the 2014 Lok Sabha elections,
 BJP got 54 per cent and Congress got 35 per cent votes. It was meant to say that the BJP has been ahead of the Congress every now and then the Congress will have to form a strong strategy to go ahead of BJP.

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