PM Modi’s speech on the last day of BJP workers

PM Modi's speech on the last day of BJP workers
PM Modi's speech on the last day of BJP workers

On the last day of the BJP executive, PM Modi slammed the workers for the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, PM Modi said, failing to do the facts and homework to thwart the opposition.

Modi said that the power chair is not for the public service 48 years of the family 48 months ours.

They fight with falsehood. We will fight with the policy. The leader of the coalition is not aware of the policy, obscure fixed corrupt. Where Modi can not see each other, one can not walk with each other today.

Modi used three words, not knowing the leadership of the leadership, the policy is unclear. Modi said that the Congress did not do the last 48 years as the central government has done in the last 48 months. We want development along with humanity i.e. also power and Mamta.

Shatrughan Sinha attacked Modi?

Modi gave victory to India and Atal BJP, in the year 2019 I do not see any challenge, and also said that the Congress power I also fell, the opposition also spread me. Small parties to do not want to accept the leadership of the Congress and consider the leadership of Congress as a burden. The situation of not accepting Congress leadership is also within Congress.

PM Modi said, preparing as much as one on a sack booth. Five crores poorest of the people ahead today, Ayushman India insurance to 10 million people. We should not compare with the development of humanity I do not understand this in the context of the party, I have the interest of people with equality and kindness.

PM Modi ridiculed the Opposition and the Maha coalition and at the same time, on the basis of the government’s plans, the party has also given the BJP party’s status till 2022, obviously, BJP is full of superstitions, but BJP is away from this discussion on the price of petrol diesel. Not giving a reply to how he will deal with the movement of the Golden Revolution, in his concluding speech, Modi has made it clear that the opposition has no leader or ideology.

But BJP has everything and on the basis of its activist, the fort will again be defeated in the election booth of 2019. The allegations made by PM Modi were answered by Anand Sharma, Congress leader, Anand Sharma said that these are the ego that they are not affiliated with the ground reality. Their propaganda has gone away. In truth, I have lost the balance of their leadership collectively.
People of the country wait for the election. To punish them, that they have given trouble to the country have given the danger, the promise of the government of Prime Minister’s government is based on false assurance, cures on futures and unaccountable prices.
And the country is a democracy and I do not think it is a matter of 50 years of talks that it is a matter of conscience.
It is obvious that the manner in which the atmosphere of the country is contaminated by the violence of violence is a problem of people and the government is not sensitive Seeing him,
It is clear that BJP’s next election is a defeat and after that 50 years, the people of the country will keep the people away.

Modi’s new slogan about 2019 elections

BJP has got a new slogan for the election of the year 2019. With strong India Ajay India, the slogan of Atal BJP PM Modi has cleared the intentions, no one can break India, and in 2019 I can not defeat the alliance partner BJP but Congress is trying to answer Modi by making an issue of inflation.

Ajay Bharat and Atal BJP These are the slogans with which BJP is going to contest the 2019 elections. In Delhi, on the last day of the BJP national executive meeting, the Prime Minister gave the party a new slogan to Ajay Bharat, the BJP, it is clear that India has no break May the BJP and BJP not be defeated in the coming elections in the year 2019 and with the new slogan to BJP, the prime minister also targeted the opposition Received.

In addition to highlighting the differences between MahaGhatbandan, Modi also targeted Rahul Gandhi. In his speech, Modi said that today’s discussions are of the alliance and people who can not see each other cannot walk with each other.

The smaller parties are not ready to accept the leadership of the Congress and many consider the leadership of the Congress as a beggar or the opposition has a policy, neither is there any leader or strategy, therefore Opposition is desperate with negative thinking, only Modi Roko campaign is in opposition.


Where PM Modi described the weakness of Mahalath Bhavan, the same party supremo Amit Shah described as the mantra of the 2019 victory. We have to contact 22 million families, 9 crores of our workers and separate 22 million people. Together we have to map the entire country and with complete fruition, winning the 2019 election

Since the elections in Gujarat, the Opposition is aggressive since the elections in Gujarat, and after one issue I have been engaged to surround the Congress government.

U.P. After the success of the General Elections, after the success of the General Elections, I have stirred the unity of the Opposition against the government. After accusing the government of failing on the government, SC and ST Act and Modern, the Opposition is now surrounded by the government for the issue of inflation.

I have felt that the Congress of India on Monday is the biggest test of the alliance of anti-Modi people, but Modi does not see the challenge of the opposition anymore.

Modi said, “We live for resolution and our policies are also strategies and we do not see the challenge, but the Congress is hoping that people will answer the government about inflation.”

Regarding the prices of petrol and diesel, about the price of inflation, about the falling price of rupees, I have not got any solution about this and did not come within the BJP’s Zukunft meting. Only cough slogans are being given to Modi and Amit Shah. Talking.
Now the people respond to Modi or Modi’s new slogan comes about the elections in the year 2019, waiting for the upcoming elections to know.

List of Modi ‘s warriors

There is also a principle like politics that is growing, but it is the politics of Modi that is the only ruler who fights enmity. It is a rebellion against Modi, whoever has the sun of his politics Gaya is on the slopes, the price, the price, the difference, the enemy says, do not know what Modi has made of the soil, which does not affect anything.

After Vajpayee, Yoga was the most important of the lotus. Advani is humorous today. Modi’s prime ministerial post filled the election as soon as Advani was filled with the same fate as Modi and Modi’s rivalry started, and then Modi’s politician The star did not know the address.

Dusman no 2 comes the name of Joshi, Murli Manohar Joshi Kabhi Ghar Ghar Me Nara Bharat Mata’s Three Heroes Atal, Advani and Manohar but with Advani today a star named Joshi is not seen on saffron panels.

Modi’s list is the name of Yashwant Sinha, but in the list of Yashwant’s name, Modi’s name is always on the number one. In front of Yashwant Sinha whenever Modi’s name comes, he goes to Bidak. The war of Modi assembly began.

In the year 2013, when Modi was made PM candidate, and with Mr. Sinha, Ratnakar could not even stop Modi’s path. When this hostility became more strained when elections were held in the year 2014, only after the words of Modi, the scissors came under the name of Sinha.

Modi, who had never been a cutter, made Modi a Takhtan in Gujarat, Joshi became the biggest opponent of Modi in 2013 with the announcement of PM candidate.

Joshi got the result of the war between Modi and Joshi and finally, Joshi had to leave his own party. In the year 2014, I became envious of Modi and I became so blind and started campaigning against BJP. But the public disliked it.

Look at Nitish Kumar, if he wants to know if Dhulear, who took puja from Modi, disappeared or disappeared, I would not have come to the shelter of Modi. In the year 2011, I went to Modi only in a photograph.

Nitish, after two years, Modi’s affair, I broke all my relationship with BJP, I lost the Lok Sabha in 2014 and I won the election. But after two years I got the knowledge that Modi was the number one enemy within the number one The friend said that he was hiding and returned to the house.

Laloo Yadav has also done the wrong thing to oppose Modi, and today he is serving the punishment of the wrongdoers and the family collecting the cream is giving an account of the legal vicinity that I found.

Arun Sohri’s name must have heard of you. I used to be Vajpayee’s minister, who was killed, who took panga from Modi, and I am not even seen on this shelter today.

And however Pravin Howrah, who called himself a Lion of the Hindus, was thrown out of the BSP, he did not even know himself; But seeing the history, the takhah again made the same mistake.

Modi is still a warning for the opponents, if he still does not, then Anjam Modi himself will write.

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