PUBG MOBILE zombie special: New weapons, exclusive items and all zombie types you need to know

PUBG MOBILE zombie special New weapons, exclusive items and all zombie types

The zombie mode brings a host of special weapons and costumes to make it special for zombie hunters. And these are important stuff that can help you achieve the Chicken Dinner.


  • The Flamethrower is the coolest weapon in PUBG MOBILE dealing 200 damage to zombies.
  • The zombie grenade will generate more zombies near the enemy which could help you gain an upper hand.
  • The tyrant puts up some serious fight, but killing it does reward with impressive weapons.

The zombie mode in PUBG MOBILE is direct all the rage. Out of the blue, PUBG MOBILE’s not kidding way to deal with fight royale assumes a lower priority and rather centers around playing around with the assistance of zombies. Tencent worked together with RE Games on the event of the dispatch of Resident Evil 2 and brought an extraordinary mode for PUBG MOBILE players to encounter what Resident Evil 2 conveys to PC and support clients. The refresh is now accessible for clients on both Android and iOS.

With the zombie mode, the designers have ensured that players have a noteworthy time on the front lines of PUBG MOBILE. In the event that you have effectively attempted your hands at the zombie mode, you should be comfortable with the difficulties that the zombie mode presents to players. To put it plainly, it is anything but a simple ordeal and requires a lot of arrangements to make it to the last couple of standing, particularly with zombies saving no chance to cut you down. Be that as it may, the producers of PUBG MOBILE comprehend the necessity of players and have given some unique apparatus to upgrade the ongoing interaction experience.

Unique zombie weapons

Zombie explosive: Are you cornered by your human adversaries while the night is drawing closer? On the off chance that you approach zombie mode, you can essentially toss one towards your foe. The zombie explosive will produce more zombies close to the foe which could enable you to pick up a high ground.

Zombie immunization: There are wellbeing packs, medications units, syringes and after that there’s the zombie antibody. The zombie antibody will enable you to mend very rapidly amidst the zombie assault.

M134 Minigun: 200 adjusts in one go – that’ what the M134 Minigun can do. It takes 0.8 seconds to begin terminating and utilizes 7.62 mm ammunition. Each round arrangements around 46 harm and the terminating rate is around 20 rounds for every second. Ideal at that point to kill those irritating zombies.

Flamethrower: This is effectively the coolest weapon in PUBG MOBILE at this moment. It bargains nonstop harm from gas bottles (accessible as a piece of the plunder). The flamethrower has a scope of 10 meters and targets consume for an extra 4 seconds in the wake of being hit. It does around 45 harm for every second to players and around 200 harm to zombies.

Minimized blade: Want to remain low amid a zombie assault? The reduced blade bargains 90 harm for each hit and 225 for headshots to different players. It additionally bargains twofold harm to zombies.

Know your zombies

Dictator: This is a zombie that will hope to execute you while you dash for the air drops. The dictator sets up some genuine battle, however executing it rewards with noteworthy weapons.

G (Stage 1): Regarded as one of the most grounded and most threatening zombies, G (Stage 1) can be for the most part found in the Raccoon Police Station. Since the typical weapons may require more ammunition to kill one, you should need to assault one of these with the squad. When you slaughter it, you may get your hands on the M134 Minigun.

Licker: These look frightful and convey a destructive blow when they assault. The minute you spot one, have a go at assaulting it with your squad before it shows you out of the amusement.

General zombies: The standard zombies may look feeble however once they assault in a group, you may need to keep running for your life. It is prudent to remain safe on a housetop and slaughter them from far away.

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