Rahul Gandhi’s turn to win elections for 2019 ?

Rahul Gandhi's turn to win elections for 2019
Rahul Gandhi's turn to win elections for 2019

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was slogging for the same development which was termed as crazy in Gujarat, along with allegations of mad development, the BJP did not let the power of Gujarat go hand in hand with the slightest difference.

Now the question is Gujarat The impact of the victory will be on 2019. This question has been questioned because, in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, the Congress fought hard against the BJP, which is in anger.

You will not work and give green love according to experts, this time Rahul Gandhi is not old-fashioned Rahul Gandhi. At this time everything was changed, his predictions were changed, his mood swings were changed, if he had changed, will this time be able to conquer the Congress in 2019 instead of Rahul?

Prakash Javadekar, when asked about this question by HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar, is giving advice of self-motivation but self-motivation is also to be done by the BJP. Indicating Modi has already folded, he did the same thing Khi a direct relation with the 2019 elections

Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?

Today the expression of the middle classes in the country has increased so much that its expectations have increased so that the previous governments did not have expectations in the common man’s mind.

This is the middle class, which is taking the BJP back to power in Gujarat. Obviously, Modi also recognizes the strength of the middle class, will it be through the middle class in 2019 that the middle class will be won?

It is possible that PM Modi knows this, but after the performance of Gujarat, remembering his middle class that the previous government did not do any work for them, it is that Rahul Gandhi wants to stop the service in this class.

Also, know this well, therefore, he has initiated Shashi Tharoor’s Professional Congressional Congress, Shashi Tharoor is the President of Professional Congress organization and Rahul Gandhi’s Professionals are being added in different parts of the country through Yerman Ace.

The professional logo is directly related to the middle class through which efforts are being made to make the cities. Congress knows that its performance in the villages is fine, Have to work hard

It has also emerged out of Gujarat’s conclusions. In Gujarat’s 84 urban seats, BJP has got 59 seats and Congress has got only 25 seats, whereas Congress got 55 seats in 98 rural seats, whereas in the villages, BJP got 40 seats, in the villages, In the elections of 2019, the Congress will play a key role in the city, how to pump it, and what Rahul’s strategy is for Rahul is a big challenge, he will have to decide because the image of PM Modi It is also good in the country and it is worth the trust i.e. in 2019 also Rahul and Modi will have to face the BJP.

If the BJP is in the endeavor to deny 2014 the charisma then the same Congress is going to stand up again in the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Modiji ji is a model of people who believe that marketing is very good but hollow from inside and that we did not answer the development of the campaign, talk about development But the reality is that he can not answer him.

You must have seen that before the election, there was nothing to say before speaking about himself speaking about Congress, then there is a very good result for us. Could win, there was a slight decrease but my main message is this normal politician knows as

I went to Gujarat and thinks that he should tell Gujarat and in three months Gujarat and the people of Gujarat have taught me a lot and the main thing is that if you have any opposition whatever fight Regardless of the amount of anger, no amount of money can be won by love and brotherhood.

Perhaps this is what Gandhiji had already taught the country, but this thing is deep inside Gujarat and that is what you saw in the elections of Gujarat.

That is the filling. It is not my job. Gujarat has given a message to Modiji and BJP. This is the anger which is in you. This anger which is in you will come in front of you and will defeat your love. It is said that nothing can be defeated with love.

This main message has given me Gujarat and I have passed Of the people I want to thank you from the heart of the people of Himachal Pradesh and is easy to live gives them I congratulate HuFor the 2019 elections, Modi has said that this is the election of development is a stamp on GST.

It is strange that in the elections, his speeches had no talk of development, neither was the talk about the stamp of GST nor was the talk about the ban on Modi.

The big question was raised on the credibility of the people because they are repeating the organization which is the force of theirs, but the country is not listening to them. The elections in Gujarat will have shown them on their It’s a simple thing to look very well in time.

I talk about credibility: Modi ji talked about non-stop corruption, in the case of Rafael and why does not a word come out of Modi’s mouth in the case of Jaisayya? The country wants to know that you talk about non-stop corruption, Sher Shah Amit Shah’s statue has changed Rs 80,000 to Rs 80 crore in three months Rafael is stuck.

Why do not you say a word about it, it’s a credibility of 2019 What will be the effect of this fact is the fact that this question has arisen because the Congress led by Rahul Gandhi for the first time gave a big fight to the BJP in the anger of you which will not work for you and will defeat your love, according to experts, Rahul Gandhi Old ones

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