Rajinikanth supports BJP from Tamil Nadu ?

Rajinikanth supports BJP from Tamil Nadu
Rajinikanth supports BJP from Tamil Nadu

 The great news is coming from Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu I am going to be a big political reversal game Rajinikanth BJP accuses me of getting involved Sharad told you that last seven seasons have been held in the last week.

With Rajinikanth’s BJP’s top leadership, I told you that Rajinikanth’s party which is BJP can merge the right next to the year 2014 elections Where I got BJP in Tamil Nadu I got only one seat from forty seats
Now, their eyes are in Tamil Nadu and Tamil Nadu, if I get so many seats, if there is a compromise with Tamil Nadu and India’s big star, the superstar Rajinikanth, considered to be South India, and Rajinikanth can merge its party by BJP, then These are very big news that the ground floor of the opponents will be swept away.
Because in 2019 elections, I am paying attention to all the states of BJP, especially in the year 2014, because of their poor performance, BJP is focusing more on such places in Orissa, Bengal, Tamil Nadu, now in a few days, I am the South’s biggest superstar Rajinikanth BJP will join.
The biggest news for BJP is that it will be the biggest Superhit¬†news so far, because if BJP comes to Rajinikanth, then Rajinikanth makes everything possible, whoever does not know if Rajinikanth comes to BJP, with no shock for the opposition party Will not work. Opposition parties are similarly afraid of Modi. Now if Rajinikanth meets BJP then the opponent’s air will flutter.

In the year 2019 elections, I will be very big news because Rajinikanth’s rumor speaks in Tamil Nadu and if I come to Rajnikant BJP then will I be successful in capturing the maximum number of seats in BJP? I will know the future but it is right that the BJP will get huge unintended by the arrival of Rajinikanth.

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