Regarding the old cases on the Yogi by the Oppositions ?

Regarding the old cases on the Yogi by the Oppositions
Regarding the old cases on the Yogi by the Oppositions

Yogi Adityanath opponents have lost their mouths once again. Yogi Adityanath opponents have lost their mouths once again.

The opponents have tried astrologer Yogi who overthrows the criminals from UP, but the Supreme Court has overwhelmed their hopes. The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister and BJP’s firebrand leader Yogi Adityanath has been relieved from the Bhadam Speech case.

During the hearing on Tuesday, the Supreme Court has said that the Supreme Court will not interfere in this matter. The lower court will take action in this matter with my own discretion, let me tell you that this matter of Adityanath is about 11 years old.
On January 27, 2007, the communal riots in Yoginath’s hometown Gorakhpur were caused by the death of two people and many people were injured in the riots. Against the spread of violence by Jihadis, the Yogi gave a warm talk to the Hindus.

Just about the same speeches, the opposition had given the entire blame of the riots on the forehead of the yogi. It is important that the Supreme Court had issued a notice to the Uttar Pradesh court, asking why the matter should not be issued on Yogi Adityanath.
After which the hearing was done but the court gave relief to the Yogis. All the anti-Yogis have been so disturbed that they want to remove the CM Yogi from his post.
Because Yogi has put a stern link to criminals and gangster mafia and given the open discount of the encounter to the police, I have lost all the work of the opponents. The yogi tried to drag the court in the old cases to get angry. The court dismissed this petition.

Modi’s birthday plans for the benefit of people?

Friends are coming out with great news. You will know that our Birthday of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is going to be celebrated on 17th September 2018. All Indian Hindus will be celebrated together with great happiness. Celebrate his birthday but with this one big news is coming out.
The people of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s birthday will open the door to the schemes – the people of this world will know that all of us will know this whenever there is a special day in our country like India, on 15th August, 26th January, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi No one plans for all Indians, we take advantage of them in our life, along with a very good news coming out on their birthday, so friends are here. India’s PM Narendra Modi was born on September 17, 1950, for about 67 years.
And on September 17, 2018, we are going to celebrate another new birthday, what special news is coming out on their birthday day. We will tell you today that 40 services like driving licenses ration card will be available from home today, as licensing license driving license Documents like services like birth certificates, castration cards, ration cards, you will be able to sit at home if you live in Delhi lockout
Regarding the old cases on the Yogi by the Oppositions
So that means you have got a new skimmer for the Chief Minister of Delhi, the Chief Minister of Delhi, for the people of Delhi, in which only a number has been issued to him, or you can see the number on the screen as soon as 1076 dialed it.
It will be called directly to the company’s call center, so that you sit at home, if you can make 40 types of documents only at home, you will be able to get government offices Security will not work need to cut the rounds, so it was a special news for the people of Delhi now comes
What is the message of PM Modi’s birth anniversary is going to come out? Modi is going to bring happiness to the people of his country. PM Narendra Modi’s birthday is just six days left before his birthday, Modi ji has his country Has started giving good news to the people of
The Modi Government has started providing health insurance of 5 lakhs to 10 million families. Not only this, but PM Modi also has doubled the overdraft facility of public money accounts.
Not only you all will know that Narendra has recently Modi ji has introduced great news and new schemes for public fund holders who doubled the insurance facility and overdraft available to him and friends Modi Government worker
They have already talked about bringing a bigger facility for them. They can start a new welfare scheme for their birthday on 17th September, ie, Vishwakarma Day, on 17th September, along with the annual budget of 3000 students for the education of children of laborers.
And for the ITI professional course, Rs.12000 will be provided, along with a sum of Rs 2 lakh for natural death and 4 lakh for unnatural. Ayega before 17 September 2018 and will determine whether skim

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