Relations between India and Nepal ?

Relations between India and Nepal
Relations between India and Nepal

 These days, India’s neighbors are not ringing with seeing her eyes, leaving India’s neighboring country Pakistan, India has good and strong relations with neighboring countries,

But clever China has such a cleverness that India eyes on neighboring countries Murders trust.
Today the neighboring countries are not able to see the eyes. First, Myanmar and now Nepal, China, have given Nepal permission to use their four ports and three land plots, I forgot a shock to Nepal’s many generosity and prosperity.
 India has treated Nepal as its younger brother. Only then are people joining each other’s country without any interference, and when Kudarat’s woes are torn to Nepal, the Indian Army, who came to the spot, has made Nepal as an earthquake.
 Tragedy emerged and till date, Nepal was dependent only on Indian ports, but since the Chinese sanctioned to use their ports, Nepal’s gesture changed immediately.

This is what we are talking about because Nepal has refused Nepalese practice on Saini practice, Nepal has given a big blow to India. I recently had a BIMSTEC summon in Kathmandu.

The BIMSTEC, which itself had joined the Prime Minister, was joined by the seven countries which are related to the Bay of Bengal region, which includes Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Bhutan besides India itself, the PM himself has proposed to do Joint Milk- was kept.
Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?
Due to which, Joint Military Exercises have been kept between Pune and BIMSTEC countries which are scheduled to begin on September 10 but in the meantime,
Nepal has surprised everyone with its decision, Nepal has made it clear

I will not take part in this conference, since last year, the Saturn Gormanist Party of Nepal and the opposition of Sutradhar Nepal were raising the question of Joint Military Empowerment, due to which Nepal’s Prime Minister has separated from Nepal’s practice.

Nepali politicians behind this decision say that this kind of Joint joint convenor of Nepal and Nepal’s hits are not me. Parliament is present in Nepal PM K P OLLY said that this military exercise means the forces are regional and one should increase the dignity of the people.

We are not doing Regional Orkneys Militant with any country, Nepal has always been with him in the face of India. Today Nepal Nepal PM is refusing military practice.

According to the wishes, Nepal’s changing times can be a big hand of China, because, with the recent increase, I have been able to increase my proximity to China Nepal, the international dependence of Nepal trade falling from international trade can be reduced in some way.
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On the other side, the inclination towards India is increasing. Perhaps this is the reason why Nepal has stretched its hands with the practice of Bostic countries on Anne Vakht, the military officers of Nepal who arrived at Pune, will also be looted.
PM Modi had invited seven countries to this end that India’s relations with neighbouring countries could be further strengthened but in the way in which Myanmar and Nepal are giving one blow to India, Questions are being raised on the principle of Swaraj.

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