Sachin Pilot’s speech to BJP in Karoli village of Rajasthan ?

Sachin Pilot's speech to BJP in Karoli village of Rajasthan
Sachin Pilot's speech to BJP in Karoli village of Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot made BJP spearheading the fierce crowd of Karoli village in Rajasthan

Sachin Pilot made BJP spearheading the fierce crowd of Karoli village in Rajasthan. Sachin said – the rule of Vasundhara ji, I have not only been exposed to the people but also the pagans of the society have been humiliated, people have worked to fight the poison spreading poison.
And today Vasundhara ji said that the President of the state Congress, that is what I said about Vasundhara ji’s politics. I am still a novice. He is still learning politics. Vasundhara ji You are my age, I respect you personally.

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But in the political arena, I am not too short for you to slap you. With the help of all the people, with the love and affection of all the people, I want to say with great humility that after two months Rajasthan I If it is, the time has come to put BJP’s Boro bed and put the Ganges.

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You are the responsibility of the people. Vasundhara Govt has ignored the entire Rajasthan for the last five years. People have believed that the people have won the MLAs by winning the Assembly but the BJP government has given Vasundhara the steps taken by Rajasthan for the last five years. Are.

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And not with the vengeful spirit, I want to say with the heart that when the Congress rule comes after two months, the people will feel that the power is our part. You are a great emperor, you are from a big family, you come from Raj Bharna, The governed minister was the chief minister.
But we are from the poor farming family, we feel the sadness of the poor people, we do not give a speech to vote for when the poor people suffer from the blows when the farmers have to pay a loan for their crops, our brother has to pay a loan of his child You have to wander rate rates for handling the piglets. You have neither the time nor the footsteps of the poor eyes to see the pain.
But the time of remembering has changed. People have become aware of. People who rule the state will be born from the kakh of the king, not from the khaki of the farmers, from the womb of the farmers, born of a common man’s womb.
After coming out of Jaipur, the immense love, affection, and blessings of all of you continued to meet us on the road, due to which we were too late to come today I have all of you on behalf of the Congress party and from all the other leaders Thank you by adding all your hands.

Co-workers are meeting in Karoli district Bharatpur dialogue. Many meetings have been done before too many parties have done before too many parties have done as before, Ashok Gelloh ji said that today’s passion is the excitement of today which is on your faces today Love and love are showing.
I have no hesitation in telling you that the biggest and historic meeting of the people of Karoli has been created by these people, this meeting shows that our Opposition of which I have been sitting in party power today, Vasundhara Raje Sandhya ji After coming and coming in Corni, the people did not want to meet him and the truth is that he did not want to meet the people.
By staying in big cities, who are a habit of issuing orders, think that the people’s votes are our pockets. This ego belongs to our Chief Minister. I want to say Vasundhara ji, come to you and come and see what the people of the country Want to know what is going to happen next.

In the last assembly elections, I have won seats here, we have to tell the entire Rajasthan through taking this resolution. Our Congress party has organized all the rallies together with Udaipur, Jodhpur talks, Bikaner went on the dialogue and today it is the fourth Meeting Bharatpur dialogue is happening to me.

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From the nearby district Dausa, I got the privilege of becoming a Parliament from these districts, with its people, mothers, sisters and brothers who have a relationship with love and affection. Today, we are going to do the same thing that we are going to do. The first was a start and started the campaign.
To bring the power back to the Congress, I want to say very politely with the love and love of the people and with the blessings of the people, that after two months in Rajasthan, when it is an election, the time has come for the BJP to build the Ganga ji Are.
 So much the majority got the government, the central government, the state and I have said today that the leader of our opposition who was the leader of our Opposition, Mr. Om Prakash ji spoke, Pandey Sahab said that our party has made the mind that Rajasthan Walkalong

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