Sapna Chaudhary will Sport Congress ?

Sapna Chaudhary will Sport Congress
Sapna Chaudhary will Sport Congress

Friends, maybe today nobody can be big news if you want Sapna Chaudhari if you are a dreamer or a dreamer of Chaudhary’s dance or dreams of Chaudhary, then this news is for you 

Sapna Chaudhary is the name which has earned its name from dance in all the states, do not start with Haryana, and in what states do not know their identity in Bihar. Let’s talk about the identity of Paa Sapna Chaudhary. Let’s talk about UP. But the news is not in it. Friends, everyone knows this but the news is that the dream has also come into politics.

G. The further questions are constantly echoing in the corridors of power, how popular is that of them, it is known to all what it is that they will reduce their popularity in the vote or will make it clear in Voto. This is the question because Sapna Chaudhary went to Congress office It was the National Head Quarter of the Congress, the dream was over there. 
The people of the media talked to him and we tell you what they said to him. First of all they Asked whether Sapna Chaudhary is coming to politics, he did not open his tongue and even said it in clear words, after which he asked if you do not want to come to politics then what Congress has come to do in the office, he said, Priyanka Gandhi Sonia I like Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi very much and I will meet Sonia Gandhi.

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Therefore, taking a little time to get this office done in the office means that there is no such meeting in politics. There is a lot of meaning in every meeting in politics, and this meeting also means that dreams should be done by Sapna Chaudhary. Has the popularity in all the states? Will it take advantage of that popularity to identify Congress in the 2019 elections? 
It is because the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 are on one side, the Prime Minister is Narendra Modi and the coalition is also visible on the other side.

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Rahul Gandhi is also saying that if he is also simple, he is ready to become Prime Minister and now the dream of big news, Chaudhary who has become popular for his dance, is now going to politics or is it spreading to the Congress? Let’s tell you ahead of time because in politics one day is very precious and in such a moment we will continue to give you the news of the moment and the dream which was killing the self-today. It is visible in the field of politics went in, ie the office

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