Sharad Pawar’s statement about upcoming elections ?

Sharad Pawar's statement about upcoming elections
Sharad Pawar's statement about upcoming elections

Sharad Pawar’s statement is so important that even the face of the alliance is not folded. How will this form of formation of seats be decided?

Who will say how much will fight, if nothing is decided, then it is for the Sharad Pawar coalition. Practical or Not Produce Big Questions

Rahul Gandhi was 2019 whom I believe was Congress MP from 48, this is the name of the Trinamath Congress, Mamta Banerjee MP Mamata Banerjee has 34 MPs, it is believed that Chandra Babu Naidu will be part of the PVD if he is a member of the coalition. Pm 9 MP’s are Samajwadi Party’s 7 MPs, Laloo’s party’s RJD’s 4 MPs, MPs of J.M. Mukhtar Jharkhand Front 2 MP, JD (S) MP 1 MP, 1 MP of CPI Ajit Singh Tripathi RDL 1 MP, 3 MPs of AIUDF joining it, its number becomes 130 MPs.

 Sharad Pawar is going to pull his hand out of this alliance, believe that Rahul Gandhi is going to take a huge headache for the sake of politics, Sharad Pawar’s statement has stirred up the opposition in the opposition as the old player Sharad Pawar This is not to say that these pictures of Sharad Pawar with Prime Minister Modi are 3 years old with Modi.
But politically, I do not think much about changing the picture and the picture. First of all, see this before Sharad Pawar said what is the media. I am quite hesitant because of some options, I am writing a lot about the front organizations of the main alliance.
A new rule that applies to India’s connection to the vagina?
I do not see the possibility of any other alliance. We have some friends, they want people but it is not possible whether Sharad Pawar wants to see the impact of his statement by throwing stones at the water.

It is Pawar that in the year 2019, I have seen the political picture clearly that Sharad Pawar ji is the leader of the country but the Congress party will do its utmost to counter the BJP against the secular party today in the direction of BJP which is taking the country That’s the way of destruction.
Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?
Even after the efforts of Pawar, the country does not seem to be formed, it seems that some people do not believe in the belief of Sharad Pawar.
 Now this great coalition will not be a Congress, nor will it be a party, this also raises a question. The way nationalist president Pawar Sahab said that the country also is not the unity of Opposition.

But Sharad Pawar will also become a coalition in different states. I have thought that my own opinion is that this state will be the state of Tamil Nadu which can be the state where the main party DN will have to accept the non-BJP party.

So, what is Sharad Pawar’s mind, I do not open my cards and I want to be a prime ministerial candidate for myself in the 2019 battle, or if I do not get a clear majority, I am preparing them to play a big role or Then he does not want any coalition led by Rahul Gandhi, the answer to the question is anything Congress leaders are watching me. They are their personal statements.
 We want all the secular-minded parties to come together, whatever the financial issues can be discussed and the path can be found.
 What I said and what we said for that, we will see that after which we are reacting, we will tell that I do not want them to talk about keeping the Secular Forces together that they will not be behind them.
Sharad Pawar’s statement becomes important because a few days ago, HD Dev Gowda had said that the Congress did not take regional parties lightly.
 They said it was not necessary that all the regional parties, together with the Congress, contested the Lok Sabha elections. Politics will take many battles before the year 2019.

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