Speech to the people of Prime Minister Modi ?

Speech to the people of Prime Minister Modi
Speech to the people of Prime Minister Modi

I am not seeking sixty years of power of power. I am seeking 60 months to become a janitor. Too much looted country, so brothers and sisters need a janitor in the country.

Give me the work of the watchman for 60 months. Corruption is ravaged by us. Are kept.
 Do you want to tell me whether the brothers should get rid of corruption or not, corruption should or should not happen. Brothers, I have taken the initiative to remove corruption from every corner of India. I have been a mantra that will eat or not eat.
Good days are going to come to the bad day, my wife is Bharat Mata will not bow my head. Yes, I have sworn that I will not sell the country, I will not bend the country, every village lane I power.
Netaji, you are right, you do not have the status. You can not make Gujarat. That’s why 56-inch cheers. My countrymen have left everything for the country. I’m fighting for the brothers. Brothers for me. What more can I do this? Do not tell, what will you do?
Now that the Modi Government brothers and sisters are the people I have fought for any forces. I am public how people will be against me. I am the people who are 70 years old, I will not let me live and will ruin me. Do whatever they want to do. Brothers, please! Country 50 days help me Country help me. Accept this very much with the Talis, thank you very much.
The choice is a sacrifice, through the sacrifice, to do more good and more to do more holiness, to contribute more, to sacrifice this election I am the sacrifice of democracy, everyone is fighting.

A leader who did not learn to lose – PM Narendra Modi

A leader who has not learned to lose, a leader behind which millions of people are standing behind, a leader who starts seeing the world, Modi Modi, whose personality is above the realm of words Name, Narendra Modi.

Politics of the country, last 5 years, I just stop at this name, how big is it that the opposition is sown in front of Modi’s stature, but can you never believe that why this is the end of your thought, but Narendra Modi never I did not give up and neither did I lose my election.

Even big leaders such as Vajpayee Sahab may have lost the elections, but Narender Modi, who considered him a political guru, never lost the elections. In the year 1995, Gujarat was going to polls but the responsibility for deciding the strategy was given to Modi. If the results were to come, then BJP had secured a two-thirds majority and Keshav Bhai Patel became the government.

In the year 2001, Keshav Bhai Patel’s condition started getting worse, the BJP had started losing many seats, then the central leadership offered Modi to be the Deputy Chief Minister but Modi rejected it saying that he would not take half the incomplete responsibility for the then AB Vajpayee had complete faith in Modi.

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And finally, on October 7, 2001, Modi was made Chief Minister of Gujarat. As long as Modi had not contested any election, after getting the Chief Minister, Modi came from Rajkot to contest the election and won from about four and a half thousand votes. After this, Modi never looked back, within a year of becoming Modi’s Chief In Gujarat I was elected to the assembly.
After the Godhra carnage, it was difficult for both BJP and Modi to win, but Modi did not care about this because he had worked for the public.

At that time, Modi said in his speech – If I had lost this election in 2002, then no one would ask the question if the election of 2007 had been lost then no one would ask. It is a small group. They think that we have worked so hard But we did so much hurricane. Why do not they lose, why do not they die? Why are they not over? It is their victory that we will be humiliating Modi and we will keep on throwing Modi down. I am convinced that if the allegations against Modi are true, then there is truth even if there is truth in one of these, then I believe that for the bright future of India, India is on the fourth floor for bright traditions. Keep hanging out even if Modi is hanged.

In the year 2002, in the name of Modi, the whole election was contested, and by winning 127 seats in 182 assembly seats, Modi had won the bumper of Modi from Mani Nagar seat, securing Gujarat’s power from two-thirds of votes.

Modi’s Advancement In the year 2007, elections were also held and the party won a bumper victory. Narendra Modi had won the post from the Mani Nagar Party, which came from the BJP’s 117 seats in 182 seats.
¬†Narendra Modi in his speech said in his speech – “The attention of the country and the world has been on this election. In the history of BJP, I have been continuously conquering the 1990s. 1990, we won elections, won 1995 election, 1998 I win, 2002 win and today I got to the year 2007 too.

Modi’s Advani I contested the third major election in the year 2012, again I became the BJP’s government and for the fourth time, Modi became the Chief Minister of the country. Jitu was consistent and she was always kept as a record. In the year 2013, BJP declared Modi the candidate for the post of Prime Minister.

And after this Modi said in the speech – “I will not keep any less effort for BJP’s election victory in 2014 elections. I will be able to fulfil the hope and expectation of the common man.”

Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?

 Elections were held in 2014 after one year, the results of elections made history. After 80, a government had got a full majority and that was the Modi government.

Since 2014, when I became PM, Modi won from East to West and from Desert to South. Almost 17 states I have won elections in the BJP, in the name of 22 states, I am running the BJP government with the allies, only 70 per cent of the country’s population is ruled by Modi. Modi won the Prime Minister’s post from five lakh seventy thousand votes.

Nearly 24 sub-elections after 2014, BJP got only 4 votes but there was a big reason behind this but Modi lost the election where he lost or did not contest the election, the figures tell that he is Ajay They cannot be defeated and by now the record also says the same.

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