Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan ?

Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan
Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan

The last ten years of the Congress government in which Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was a big disclosure related to it, although this fact was known to all now it has become clear from the evidence that.

The Modi government has started from 2004 to the year 2014. Between I have declared the 710 files of the Prime Minister’s Office related to government decisions to be made public.

These files are, of course, the National Advisory Council NAC, led by Sonia Gandhi, and seeing these files, the ground will be dropped on your feet. By seeing these files, it becomes clear that ten years of Manmohan Singh’s tenure I will be the real government then Sonia Gandhi It was running and Manmohan’s position was less than a rubber stamp.

It was such a tremendous master stock of Sonia Gandhi that the contract for the mistakes of the government sparked on Manmohan Singh, and Sonia kept on running the real palace without any answer.

In the name of giving advice, Sonia Gandhi had created this National Advisory Council; Sonia Gandhi was the chairperson of this Council itself.
According to the report of The New Indian Express, the English newspaper, this committee was taking decisions like issues related to coal, power, disinvestment and land property, everyday governmental crops and industrial policy.
Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?
A prime minister has to take many decisions by using his discretion, but the Congress raj, I did not have such a discount to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi’s National Advisory Alliance had issued a salutary order in every case, after which Manmohan was silent on it.
 Used to be The idea that this council was so powerful is that you can think of the fact that senior officials were asked directly by the office of Modi Lal Nehru Place in their office. Many of them asked the minister to write a memorandum asking them to submit a project report.

The Government is only responsible for the Prime Minister, not the Minister, nor for the Advisory Council, it should be considered as a contradiction in the terms of oath and confidentiality of the public. The files to be public are proof that the National Tourism Council Instead of taking the crops from himself, the work of Prime Minister to the minister was like stamping on those decisions like puppetry.

However, the Prime Minister also takes the advice, but they take all the crops in their own discretion. The people of BJP sitting outside the Modi government do not take these crops when the government decides what to do. Even Modi himself took the decision by his own discretion. Comparing it with Manmohan Singh is useless.

During the tenure of Congress, I had formed the National Advisory Council or NAC in the name of advising the government, whose President himself was Sonia Gandhi, he was made a member of the people of his silence and trust.
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There were also many people who were social activists under the guise of anti-national activities I have been seen actively calling themselves the most honest person in the country, Arora Roy, a close aide of Kejriwal, was also involved in the same community, besides Kejriwal’s ex-and Aide Yogender was also involved in this community.

The Aam Aadmi Party’s Big Boss i.e. Mr. Kejriwal also used to get many efforts to enter this community in the year 2005 and around 2006, and he had also recommended many people to join the community.

Although Sonia Gandhi did not make him a member of the community but put them on a different kind of agenda, Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party is actually the Congress’s sport I have confirmed that many senior leaders of Congress and himself Yogendra Yadav have done Are.


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