Survey for BJP Congress polls in 2019 ?

Survey for BJP Congress polls in 2019
Survey for BJP Congress polls in 2019

Friends, will the government of Modi come, again and again, will succeed in forming the government once again in 2019. A big disclosure reveals about the BJP’s return to the elections in 2019

In 2019, the center of BJP will return to the power of the center or it will be known only after the elections, but the online survey conducted by famous writer Chetan Bhagat and surprising results have come out. In fact, Chetan Bhagat, Conduct different surveys
The first survey of Chetan was asked if you are planning to give your vote to anyone in the 2019 elections, so far 51,000 people have given their opinion about this issue, 66% of whom have asked BJP this time too.

18 percent of the people have refused to vote for BJP, it is the people who voted Modi in 2014, that is, this time the voting of 18 percent voting in Modi’s vote has come down. Although 7 percent said that BJP was voting for the last time, these people were the Non-BJP voters for the last time, apart from nine percent voters who were Non-BJP voters, those people said that they will not vote for BJP this time.

Rahul Gandhi’s turn to win elections for 2019?

In the second survey, the question of which Modi government has affected you most, 31% of the people said that Modi’s good policies have influenced us, while 29 of % people are influenced by Modi’s work And 27 percent of the people believe that the rate of tax reduction in Modi Raj has influenced him. Over 18000 people have expressed their opinion in this survey. Now it comes
In the third survey, which was asked why 50% of the over 13,000 people who participated in this survey, which you were disappointed by the Modi Government, believe that they do not despair of the work done by the Modi government.

While 26 percent believe that Modi government cleanses the people and the same 15 percent of the people believe that the Modi Government’s policy is bad and it has taken him to despair While 9 percent of the people believe that the Modi government behaves like dabbling.

Rahul Gandhi’s prediction about elections in 2019?

Friends, Rahul Gandhi is very active about the Gujarat assembly elections. Today, there are rallies in Gujarat and the chairs of the temples are also being kissed. Political analysts are explaining the future of Rahul and Congress with their own motives.

In this context, but now we had to know that Rahul was doing the calculation of the sky about Gandhi’s horoscope;
We do not say that you can also go to Google and see the prophecy of Saint Beta. Even what Rahul Gandhi’s horoscope says is a question that raises a question. Let it be heard by yourself.

If we conduct a thorough analysis of the horoscope of Rahul Gandhi, then it is time for them.
By September 25, 2018, their planets which are not properly running are Saturn, they are in their divisive part, and their position at the main place is Saturn, and Saturn is on the planet Mars and in the second part,

the sum of Mars and Sun That is what he says that the first thing that he will say will be something else to come out from the front and he will give the benefit to those who have the result of their opposition to which they will say in this opposition

Such was the rule of governance of Manmohan?

s but their time will begin to become positive after 25th September 2018 as it is yoga which is being created in the main and the distinguished part of this, it will be built in the center and in the mighty place when this yoga will be formed in the center and in the mighty place. Keeping the status of the post, you have to say that they will have to speak very differently. If a little bit above this is spoken further then its opposition will get much more advantage.

Rahul Gandhi, who became the president of the Congress party, is seen to be the leader of the Congress party, but it is the responsibility of Rahul Gandhi to cross the Naiya. But the person who is saying Sant Bharti Ashok is shocked.

The next person will come forward to honor Rahul Gandhi. The election will be contested by Rahul Gandhi, knowing the horoscope of Rahul will know the future of the Congress, you have a responsible channel, and you Spread not believe nor Slate someone went reported in the news is full of saints Betra Ashok

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