Talk to the public about the BJP alliance ?

Talk to the public about the BJP alliance
Talk to the public about the BJP alliance

On one side, 2019 is the echo of Modi ji whose one’s speech changes the equation of votes, whose election season changes with a rally; On the other hand, the coalition, which is standing in front of the BJP in every way, In the eyes of the public, the alliance will be the candidate for the post of prime minister, the friends will go for the same thing, for this matter, the people are talking to him, at this time we are on Lucknow’s Prayag Narayan road.
There is a lot of people on this, go there to talk to them, first of all, tell the chief who will be able to give BJP absolutely the alliance. In which the Samajwadi Party and the Bahujan Samajwadi Party and the Congress had a coalition in which there would be no alliance with the coalition, Who can also become the Prime Minister, who will make you the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, what do you think the BJP will be huge or who will be the best prime minister in your eyes in the coalition, then people said that we will be very heavy because the coalition is less in the media Do you want to tell the Prime Minister whom the people do not answer?

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We do not want Modi to be the Prime Minister. They will not be defeated by the people of Gujarat. They will not be able to beat anybody. If they do anything, they can not tell whether they are 850’s calendar or not. Why is there so much why Rs. 1200 was in Congress time, why are they raising these questions? The opposition was in black, while never before Congress 350, 65 years ago, our grandfather had a bullock cart, and today the fortunes will never be able to come.
The vacancy is not able to clear. So far, these people do not know what is going on, is not running. There is no proper lighting system. The slender has been made so expensive by the Modi government, and the medicines were available in government hospitals even before. It is not new that Modi has given these things that everything is expensive too. Tell us whether Modi government had given LPG cylinder Sheila Dikshit to BPL holders earlier too. If you have given any housing to such a number of years, Kashiram and Akhilesh have provided accommodation too but tell Modi, who has given accommodation to the house, in these dead years, what does it feel that in this coalition of Modi, who will come in a collision? Rahul Gandhi, who will be the BJP’s opposition, will now be the Prime Minister, BJP says, Rahul Gandhi cannot do anything to us, then in your eyes angle will be in the 2019 elections Who will come forward for the post?

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Mayawati Akhilesh Mamta Banerjee Rahul Gandhi Sardar Pawar is such a very different name, tell me who will come for this post if you are given power and power and given this to you. Let’s make you the prime minister of your choice, then whom you would like to trust, then I would like to be myself or I will have a close-knit mine that will make the claimant an angle We cannot tell this, but in the name of Rahul Gandhi’s name, the name of Mamata Banerjee and Mayawati is also on the other side, then the public should say that Mamata Banerjee may be, but if Mayawati does not save the existence of Uttar Pradesh then what is the country?
If Akhilesh ji or Rahul Gandhi want Mayawati for this post, why would these people want to see if she goes to politics and says that we do not want to become Prime Minister If he is looking at the Chief Minister’s election in 2022, he will play Mayawati’s game so that in the elections of 2022 he can say that we have proven to be loyalty and now we can help in becoming the Chief Minister, is it right or not? If regional parties like sports like Mayawati and Mamta Banerjee are their regional problems, they have won them only. Akhilesh Yadav says that we do not have to become. The Prime Minister will say that I do not want to be PM.

The Prime Minister wants all such things to come to bed and not to be. If I talk about this, then what is there in Mayawati that will create Mayawati then you will have coalition Who is the claimant for the Prime Minister post in Akhilesh Yadav Mamta Banerjee Mayawati, Sir had Pawar or any other or Rahul Gandhi or anybody else, these regional parties are not so easy. If you can do anything for them, then Rahul Gandhi will become only he is telling himself to himself, then he will be able to become an angle and then we have talked to the people on this matter.
The people who have come, they have completely penetrated into politics. No one can steam the public’s mind, so friends have talked about the BJP coalition and the people have spoken about their hearts.

Three schemes for the private employees of Modi Government

Friends are now coming to the 2019 elections, to win the 2019 election, the Modi government has taken out new schemes, Modi government is preparing to give a bumper gift to private labourers and employees in 2019, knowing that all employees will be happy and that Modi Modi government will not vote for the government to improve his business, his image in front of the people is bad or the workers have to suffer any harm
¬†There are three important laws to come out with: It is most important that Occupational Safety Health and Walking Conditions mean business safety, health and working conditions, that there are at least ten employees’ companies and factories or institutions to make an appointment to each of their employees.¬†
If you do not do that, then you can not take particles from the staff. It must be said that the employees will have to risk getting sick or injured in the workplace. If the company does not do this, then the government will have a second bill, i.e. the due wages will be decided by the government. The third bill will be the benefit after retirement means retirement health age.
 Disability Employment and Maternity Benefits will be provided to every company. Or that this policy will be ready soon and even before the election of 2019 it will be implemented by the Modi government. If this happens then the good days of the employees working in the private sector will come.

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