Elections have passed, and everyone has the same questions in mind, who will win and will become 2019 will be the Prime Minister of India and who will win the country’s largest election.


Our beloved leader Narendra Modi is the most popular leader in the country and under his leadership, the 2019 election is so much that Modi can win the election again so that the BJP can win again.

We all know that all the parties are ready to fight against Narendra Modi for a fight. All are preparing for it all. Modi Ji is claiming that the seat is confirmed. Modiji has become prime minister ever since BJP has won the elections in all the states, you know that Narendra Modi Ji has not only been involved in the good leaders of the world but the BJP never thought of it BJP is getting more than that.

Nagaland Tripura is the example of this: Today, the child of the house knows Modi Ji, and all the parties are gathered and the support of Social Sides has been trying to show Modi Jee but it does not make any difference to Modiji’s party. The social media team brings out the work of BJP: In 2014 BJP won the elections with a lot of votes. Shelves had ratified his victory |
In 2019 BJP can reassert it, again and again, Modi gives more importance to Hindus, due to which Modi is more Voter Hindutva. All the other parties are winning Muslims and other castes by keeping them together. He has decided to take the victory and is ready to defeat all the other parties. That is why due to this, the other leader takes off the cap and goes to the temple and begins to take the crown.
All this is happening to break the voting of BJP’s Hindutva. This thing may be wrong for you but this is the truth of today. India is the only country where elections are won in the name of religion. Other parties have not been able to touch Hindus, then no one can stop them for the BJP. BJP has a lot of good leaders who have a way to speak and they can pull the people on their side.
BJP is ready to go ahead Narendra Modi Sushma Swaraj and Ravi Shankar Arun Jaitley Amit Shah Yogi Aditya Nath and Smriti Irani Spokesperson are included in the BJP, due to this, BJP can draw their flag in 2019, all these workers are constantly interviewing  And keeps telling everyone about the party’s work, which makes the BJP even stronger. Have you seen leaders like Narendra Modi Amit Shah giving an interview on TV? Have you ever seen Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi giving interviews? Just keep on displaying Modi Ji if he will be seen too little. In the other party, due to lack of good leaders in BJP, the BJP is firmly established, after the arrival of Amit Shah, BJP has become strong and in all the states, it will be in the hands of Amit Shah in 2019. Which is 90% of the success, the BJP will win the coming elections.
BJP was not able to get any state in the elections of 2014 in order to save its head in the opposition. So far all of them have been engaged in finding some state for themselves but we have to say that Modiji is stronger due to this reason. In 2019, there is no opposition in front of Modiji, but all the parties are trying to bring their families forward, which will never win the opposition.
All the leaders who come in front of BJP are not able to stand in front of Modi Ji, because of the family dispute in the parties, the parties remain behind, which makes BJP a lot of beneficiaries. There is also a lack of leaders and workers in the opposition parties. Because of which BJP is benefiting from the BJP’s work due to the opposition parties as much as possible.
BJP prepares to make its leader more capable: BJP has become a government which is trying to do its best work. BJP is strengthening its organization.
In the year 2019, the Modi government is going to fight the biggest issue, the issue of development, which will know which party has developed more. In India, the Modi government has done many such jobs in which his government has become strong, like the merit study in Make in India And tried to push India forward by taking advantage of such a bright plan.
Believe it or not, in the coming time, Modi will always be as surely as if you were not sure about this, you can go to big cities like Indore or you should ask those women who get up in the morning to get to the toilet It had to go out. It was India’s biggest deficit about which nobody had paid attention to independence from today which Modi took up the issue and corrected it. Similarly, bright planning Modi has invested his life by opening a bank account for all the poor people, whom Modi will be able to achieve in his upcoming elections, and perhaps more.
The biggest importance of this will be news channels, which are now preparing for the elections, in which it will be seen tomorrow that the spokesmen of all the parties tell their party’s work, which gives a lot of benefit to the BJP.


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